Nature Film Promoted in Santana

Nature Cinema promoted in Santana

The Madeira Film Festival “On the Road”, which will take place in Quinta do Furão, between the 28th and the 30th of September, will promote cinema of nature, falling upon de diffusion of the Laurissilva Forest and, in particular, the Santana Biosphere Reserve . The programme includes the recordings of the short-feature “Tree of Pan”, directed by the Scottish Aitken Pearson and co-produced by Cinnamon Girl, with the sponsorship of the Santana City Hall. The public is invited to participate as extra in the recordings, as long as dressed with antique clothes that portrait the forties. Recordings will take place in Achada do Teixeira”, at the Miradouro da Quinta viewpoint and at Rocha do Navio amongst other places of the Biosphere Reserve. As to the event “on the Road”, it aims to promote the cinema of nature and to attract an alternative audience with an eco-tourism point of view, with a programme which includes parties, cocktails, master classes and workshops, yoga and walks. The organization has associated itself to the Intertours and the Quinta do Furão creating specific packages to promote “on the Road” with nature experiences with sojourn at the Quinta do Furão.

Source: Jornal da Madeira 24/09/2012