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Considered the modern-day treasure hunt, geocaching is an activity where its practitioners, featuring a GPS or Smartphone, travel the world looking for "geocaches", whose location is only known through their coordinates.


A geocache is a waterproof container that contains within it a log book where geocachers record their find. Usually can keep small objects left by the geocache owner or the last geocacher. After the discovery, the experience is shared with the community of Geocachers in the Internet.

There are geocaches around the world and the Biosphere Reserve is no exception. Along the “levadas”, a viewpoint, through the forest or even at one of the picturesque streets of Santana, the geocaches hide in unexpected places and of great beauty revealing to its practitioners secret locations across the landscape, allowing them to explore the reserve through this exciting activity. To do this you need to register here, select the geocache you want to find on the page "hide and seek", enter the coordinates into the GPS and leave at the discovery.

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