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  • Traditional houses

    Being one of the ex-libris of the tourist island of Madeira, the thatched houses typical of the municipality of Santana integrate the built heritage must visit. Its historical, architectural and landscape of thatched houses makes a mark indissipável landscape of the county.

  • Sports and Adventure

    Holder of great natural wealth and property, the Biosphere Reserve Santana offers a varied range of activities and leisure facilities which include the paths taken and, museum centers, monuments, festivals, crafts, theme parks, and varied options sports nature.

  • Viewpoints

    The various sights that dot the landscape of the reserve provide the visitor with magnificent views of the beautiful and diverse landscapes, born in crossing the ocean blue and green forests until you reach the imposing beauty of the huge volcanic mountains that make Santana a heavenly place.

  • Birdwatching

    The great biological richness of ecosystems found in Santana reflected in existing biodiversity there, giving special emphasis to the endemic birds of great interest as the Zino's Petrel and Trocaz Pigeon as well as the important colonies of seabirds such as Cory's Shearwater, which make reserve an ideal place to practice bird watching.

  • Picnic Areas

    In Biosphere Reserve Santana there are several picnic areas that provide pleasant moments of conviviality in complete harmony with nature. Most of these spaces have adequate infrastructure for conducting picnics and recreation, with easy access and being properly marked.

  • Heritage and Culture

    With a vast cultural heritage asset and visible mainly in churches and chapels, museums, manor houses, forts, water mills, habits and customs, folklore and crafts, Santana has a rich and diverse cultural script worthy of a visit.

  • Fishing

    The wealth of fish species, including commercially important waters, Santana enhances the performance of activities of fishing and tourism, whether the coast or submarine-hunting. Such activities also extend to the streams where you can fish for trout, rainbow trout and eels, and enjoy both scenarios of extreme beauty and tranquility.

  • Beaches

    A variety of pebble beaches of great beauty and well integrated landscaped bathing complex, as well as good weather conditions, particularly with many hours of sunshine, low rainfall and high temperatures / temperate provide carrying out activities or bathing in freshwater either at sea throughout the Reserve.

  • Footpaths and Levadas.

    A huge amount of paths taken and dotting the rural landscapes and magnificent natural reserve, represent one of the main characteristic features of the landscape of Madeira. These pathways of great beauty offer a range of alternatives that include circuits mountain, forest, seaside and even mixed that enable unique experiences living in contact with nature.