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Biosfera Trails...


Traditional Footpath

Arco de S. Jorge - On september 9th

  • The Moitadinha footpath it's a very beautiful trail starting at the viewpoint "Beira da Quinta", near the huts, S. Jorge, which leads us to "Arco de S. Jorge".
  • Duration by foot: 3 horas
  • Length: 6 km

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Biosphere Walks

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    The splendour of the footpaths makes hiking probably the most practised sport amongst the people of Madeira and the thousands of tourists that visit the Autonomous Region of Madeira every year.

    Hiking in nature is commonly designated by the population as Levadas, named after the irrigation channels, which extend to over 1.000km along the island and frequently accompany the footpaths. These Levadas were built to transport and distribute water from the high altitudes to the lower agricultural areas.

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  • Manuel Antonio Correia

The Beauty of Santana

UNESCO Certificate