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Festivities in the municipality of Santana, are a wonderful way for you to get to know its population, its way of thinking, its life style and traditions. Throughout the year several festivities take place, here are some of the events we underline for you.

Festa dos Compadres

  • Date: February
  • Local: Santana

The “Festa dos Compadres” corresponds to the official opening of the carnival festivities on the island.

It has been taking place for over 45 years, bringing each times unique moments and genuine sketchs publicly manifested by the local population, where above all are played small parts of the everyday rural life.

The ethnographic parade, which take place in the streets of the city and the “public judgement” are the main manifestations of the festivity.


Compadre and Comadre at “Festa dos Compadres”.

Regional Exhibition of the Anona (Custard-apple)

  • Date: March
  • Local: Faial

This festivity aims to promote the Custard-apple, its dairy products and its producers.

The Anona is one of the products that best characterizes the sub-tropical climate of Madeira. The parish of Faial took upon itself preponderance in its development.

Nowadays being exported considerably.


Regional Exhibition of the Anona (Custard-apple).

Semana de São José (São José's week)

  • Date: March
  • Local: Arco de São Jorge

Celebrated in the parish of “Arco de São Jorge”, and an organization of local “casa do Povo” (“People's House”), this socio cultural poster aims to promote culture, honoring the patron saint of the parish, providing the cultural interchange between the parish in the municipality and promote intergenerational living.


Semana de São José

Regional Exhibition of the Lemon

  • Date: May
  • Local: Ilha

This exhibit promotes de farmer, and one of the main products of the municipality.

The Ponchilha and the essence of lemon are the most significant dairy products of the local production


Regional Exhibition of the Lemon.

Festival of the Trout

  • Date: June
  • Local: São Roque do Faial

The trout Festival/Cider route, an organization of “Casa do Povo” of “São Roque do Faial”, meant to be a competition to promote local products such as trout and cider. Trout fishing-related activities and the gastronomy of cider punctuate these festivities. This festival matches even with the completion of the meeting of cultural groups in the municipality of Santana.


Trout Festival/Cider route

Popular Dances

  • Date: June
  • Local: São Jorge

The dances are a popular manifestation that takes place along with the festivities of Saint Peter, in the parish of “São Jorge”, next to the chapel that honors this saint.


Popular Dances

24 horas a Bailar (24 hours Dancing)

  • Date: July
  • Local: Santana

“The traditions and practices, as well as the unique way of singing of our people, will be , once more, in a focal point, turning the city of Santana, the centre of interest and attention of the people of Madeira, as well as of the foreigners, which visit us, this time of year” *.

Besides this animation, that continues for 24 hours, there are also parallel activities, such as the “Exhibits of the Municipalities”, displaying the typical products and activities related to the theme.

* President of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, Alberto João Jardim, in Folklore magazine 2010), page 3.


48 hours Dancing

Gastronomic Exhibit of Santana

  • Date: July
  • Local: Santana

The local gastronomy prizes for being one of the main attractions of the municipality.

The Gastrono¬mic exhibit assumes an equal importance in presenting, appraising and increasing the value of the transformation and innovation made upon typical products such as corn, sweet potatoes, beans, yam and bread, a few of the local production products that compose and enrich the menu.


Gastronomic Exhibit of Santana