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Places of Interest

  • In Arco de São Jorge, you will not want to miss a visit to the Wine and Vineyard Museum (Museu do Vinho e da Vinha), where you can get to know three different kinds of wine presses and several instruments related to the wine culture .Guided visits are available, by the end of which you will be able to taste local wines and try local sweets.
  • Museu_Vinho

    Wine and Vineyard Museum

  • These traditional sweets are prepared manually and baked in an oven heated by wood, by the store “Doces Tradições”. A store, which also has available traditional handycrafts, embroideries and other interior decoration items.
  • Doces_Tradicoes

    Confection of "broas" in company “Doces Tradições”

  • The Rosarium from Quinta do Arco it is one of the biggest rose gardens in Europe, with over 1000 species and a total of 17.000 rosebushes. From old to recent species, ordinary and rare, all identified by they’re names and classes.Take time to dazzle with the enormous quantity of colours and enjoy the smell of the roses.
  • Quinta_Arco

    Rosarium from Quinta do Arco

  • The Public Fountains are another of the attractions of this locality, since it shows local and social daily life customs. Some good examples would be the ones from “Enseada”, “Quinta”, “Igreja”, “Nossa Senhora da Piedade”, “Açougue”, “Fonte da Quebrada” and “Fundo da Quebrada”.
  • Fonte_Quebrada

    "Fundo da Quebrada" fountain

  • Also the, recently recovered communitarian wells where people used to launder their clothes, are worth the visit. You can find them next to the church and also in “Estrada Quebrada”, as you head for the beach.
  • Pocos_Lavar

    Communitarian wells

  • Approaching the parish coming from “São Jorge”, Beira da Quinta view point will show you not only Arco de São Jorge, as well as most of the Island’s North Coast. In the centre you can find other viewpoints, such as “Redondo”, “Roda da Quebrada”, “Cabo Aéreo”, “Quebrada Nova” and “Casais”.
  • Miradouro_Beira_Quinta

    View over "Arco de São Jorge" from "Beira da Quinta" viewpoint.

  • The public library, named Feiticeiro do Norte (Northern Wizard) has a multimedia point. It’s name is an homage to the author Manuel Gonçalves, who has written numerous of popular poems, known,until today, throughout Madeira.
  • Biblioteca

    Feiticeiro do Norte (Northern Wizard) public library