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Places of Interest

  • The Nucleus of Houses (Núcleo de Casas Típicas),next to the City Hall is a space of preservation, increased by the municipality of Santana to prize and promote of the local heritage. Here you can find some of the typical houses, and find a large variety of local, traditional and handicraft products.
  • Casas_Tipicas

    Flowers House of the Nucleus of Houses

  • “Pico das Pedras” and “Queimadas” forest parks. In these parks you can observe part of the species that characterises the Laurissilva Forest. These parks are perfect places for relaxation, where you can peacefully enjoy fresh hair and birds singing. You can also enjoy a snack at one of the provided picnic spaces.
  • Parque_Queimadas

    “Queimadas” forest park

  • From Achada do Teixeira you can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire municipality. You will also find a geological monument of basaltic rocks, also known as “Standing Man” (Homem em pé), as the wind has shaped it like a mans face.
    From Achada do Teixeira you can also get to Pico Ruivo, Madeira’s highest peak (only accessible on foot), located in the Parish of “Ilha.” The easiest way to scale its heights is by a footpath that begins at the locality of Achada do Teixeira.
  • Achada_Teixeira

    Achada do Teixeira

  • Situated in the Centre of the city of Santana, the garden of the Biosphere Reserve was created as a way to perpetuate the memory of the delivery of the prize as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve to Santana. This garden is composed of some characterized elements of the landscape and culture of the County: typical thatched House, “levada” and the commemorative statue of the biosphere. The latter created by sculptor Luís Paixão seeks to portray the planet Earth in its spherical shape, in symbiosis with nature, life and landscape in the female figure. The basis of all sculpture is based on the element water, source of life.
  • Monumento_Biosfera

    Commemorative statue of the biosphere

  • On the Rocha do Navio Nature Reserve you can find several species exclusives of the fauna and flora of Madeira. Magnificent landscapes and cascades fall down the hillside. Scuba diving or fishing (net fishing) are possibilities you my want to explore. 
    You can access the Reserve by cable car
  • Teleferico_Rocha_Navio

    Rocha do Navio reserve and cable car view

  • In Madeira Theme Park you can get information regarding the history and the culture of the people of Madeira. Surrounded by tradition, it is a space for recreational activities, ideal for every age group. 
  • Parque_Tematico

    Madeira Theme Park

  • Santana’s Farmers Market is the nucleus of the farmers’ activities in the municipality. Here farmers sell agricultural products harvested from their own fields. (open every Sunday from 9:30 am to 18:00 pm).
  • Mercado_Agricultores

    Santana’s Farmers Market

  • The Cultural House of Santana is a place of confluence of cultural agents and local artists, offering a large number of public exhibitions with works from local, national and international artists. The Cultural House also integrates the public library, a multimedia showroom and an extension of the Conservatory of Arts.
  • Casa_Cultura

    The Cultural House of Santana

  • The Santa Ana fountain, near Santana’s church, is, since 2000, classified as Monument of Local Value by the DRAC – Direcção Regional de Assuntos Culturais (Regional Bureau for Cultural Affairs). This fountain was inaugurated on the 1st of June 1955, by the, at the time, President of the Portuguese Republic, General Craveiro Lopes.
  • Fontanario_Santa_Ana

    Santa Ana fountain

  • If you approach Santana by the Regional Road (Estrada regional) coming from the parish of Faial, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful view of the centre of Santana from Curtado Viewpoint (miradouro do Curtado), located just outside the city centre. Other examples of Viewpoints located in Santana are “Núcleo de Casas”,near the city hall, or “Queimadas”, “Achada do Teixeira” and “Santo António” viewpoints.
  • Miradouro_Picarouto

    Picarouto viewpoint