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The municipality of Santana, in Madeira, saw the wealth of its patrimony recognized, at 29 of June of 2011, with its classification under the UNESCO through the MAB program which aims to promote sustainable development.

The Biosphere Reserve corresponds to the totality of the emerged area of the municipality of Santana and includes the adjacent sea area until the 200 meters bathymetric line.

The total resident population in the area of the Biosphere Reserve is of 7 719 inhabitants, of which 99% live in the Transition Zone, 1% in the Buffer Zone and 0% in the Core Zones.

  • Core Zones are Places of Community Importance, that integrate the Natura 2000 network and includes areas of the Laurissila Forest and the Central Mountainous Massif and maritime reserve of “Rocha do Navio”;
  • The Buffer Zone corresponds to the zones of controled use through diverse instruments of management and territorial order;
  • The Transition Zone consists mainly of agricultural and urban lands (public and private), its usage subject to rules.

Zoning Map.

Santana Madeira Biosphere's Logo

The Santana Biosphere Reserve represents itself by a brand consisting of two representative elements: the mountain orchid and the islet of “Rocha do Navio”. The mountain orchid represents the richness of the endemic forest, inserted in the Laurissilva forest. The islet “Rocha do Navio” makes reference to the maritime reserve of “Rocha do Navio”. Thus, the logo represents the elements constituents of the Core Zone of the Reserve: the Laurissilva Forest and the sea wealth. As for the colors, the green is associated with the forests and agricultural fields that compose the Reserve and the blue represents the sea that delimits the north side of this protected area.


Logo Santana Madeira Biosphere.