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Rede IberoMab – Reservations Network of Iberoamerican countries.

The Network of Committees and MAB Biosphere Reserves in Latin America and the Caribbean is responsible for the consolidation of the MAB program in Latin American countries as well as Portugal and Spain, taking into account the respective national committees and their ties of cooperation and promotion of new reserves the biosphere. The network holds meetings and thematic workshops on different aspects of sustainable development and update on the status of the committees and MAB biosphere reserves in this region.

In 1990, at the meeting of the International Coordinating Council of UNESCO's will was expressed by the representatives of Latin American countries to establish ties and demarcate areas of cooperation in certain aspects of common action. Only in February 1992, during the IV World Congress on National Parks and Protected Areas in Caracas, is the proposed creation of the Latin American network of biosphere reserves was discussed and where participants opted for a flexible and open.

This network was created with the assumption that the reserves would have facilitated the exchange participants and territories in the application of support measures, especially for institutions that often collaborate with the reserves, such as the FAO and IUCN.