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The Smart Biosphere project, currently under construction, corresponds to a platform SIG approved by UNESCO, which provides for the dissemination of a set of thematic and multidisciplinary information, as for example, geodiversity, biodiversity, ecosystems, environmental best practices (green economies), climate change (...), in order to warn and to raise awareness to the importance of sustainable development.

The “ShareIslands” project is a platform inserted into the “Smart Biosphere” project, framed as action in the worldwide network of Islands and coastal areas. The municipality of Santana, through the company Terra Cidade, leads a joint project with the Biosphere Reserve of “Fuerteventura”, the “El Hierro Biosphere” and the “Universidad de La Laguna”, which is the target of an application to the LIFE + ,for the three-year period 2013 to 2016.


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Life+ 2012 application

The project includes the implementation of an innovative initiative with the aim of:

  • Solidify cooperation between the EU's Islands and coastal areas;
  • Develop a joint platform where are proposed good practice guides in each Member of the network;
  • Promotion of Biosphere Benchmarks of Excellence;
  • Promote GIS tools with strong orientation towards integrated strategic plan implementation;
  • Support locally, through acquired knowledge, the implementation of several windows of opportunities generated through the network;