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“Olhar da Biosfera” (Biosphere view) is a trimonthly magazine aiming to promote interaction, and divulge simply “views” and perspectives.

With the collaboration of local and regional players and interlocutors the project intends to observe, portrait and share aiming: cultural improvement and preservation and to secure and recover practices, cultural traditions and all the singularities of a rural environment such as the council of Santana.

With the goal of involving all boys and girls who attend the local schools and the many school libraries of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, the “Olhar da Biosfera” stands as a project of an inter-generational nature, transversal to the family core, from which we aspire to have the narration of experiences, practices and costumes which define a population who recently saw its municipality designated Biosphere Natural Reserve under UNESCO.

This contribute of citizenship immerses and reflects upon ideas and suggestions which aim the improvement of the quality of live and the territory, a legacy in favour of the edification of society and of a well-being and civic harmony wanted for Santana…wanted for the world.


Olhar da Biosfera nº1 (Portuguese Only).


Olhar da Biosfera nº2. (Portuguese Only)


Olhar da Biosfera nº3. (Portuguese Only)