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EB1/PE/C de Santana is a school that develops activities within the scope of the Eco Escolas project, in this sense it accepted the challenge launched by the international program of the "Foundation for Environmental Education", developed in Portugal since 1996 by ABAE and with the involvement of the second year class of the first cycle, marked a trail.

With this trail the school intends to motivate people to know the territory close to the school, with suggestions of experiences and activities, showing environmental characteristics, the natural and cultural heritage.

In this sense and praising the importance of the award given to the municipality of Santana by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve in 2011, one of the activities assigned to those who walk the trail is to take a picture next to the Biosphere monument, which will later be shared on the page of the Biosphere.

Indications regarding the challenge:

The Biosphere monument is unique and a World reference, portrays the planet Earth in a perfect symbiosis between nature, life and landscape, present in the female figure.

EB1/PE/C de Santana promotes this challenge in order to publicize this monument associated with the Enchanted Forest Trail, creating within the scope of the Eco Schools Project.

Biosphere Challenge: Leave your selfie

  • select your selfie with the Biosphere monument;
  • send your selfie to the email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
  • the selfie must include the Biosphere monument;
  • tell us your name, country of origin and date;
  • mention that the selfie is to be placed on the Biosphere mural on the Enchanted Forest Trail;
  • within a week, maximum, the selfie will be published in the school page.

Be a part of this mural and contribute to publicize the Biosphere monument present in Santana.

General conditions:

  • Regardless of the number of selfies delivered, only one will be displayed per person;
  • Selfies cannot have inappropriate content or that jeopardize good norms and customs;
  • Selfies that have explicit trademarks or that aim to promote brands / establishments are not allowed;
  • Selfies with watermarks will not be accepted;
  • All Selfies will be duly verified;
  • EB1/PE/C de Santana reserves the right to change the current rules without prior notice;
  • The project does not have an end date but EB1/PE/C de Santana reserves the right to suspend it and remove all photos without prior notice.

Enchanted Forest Trail


Enchanted Forest Trail


Preschool Class - May 30th- EB1/PE/C de Santana


Second Year Class - May 28- EB1/PE/C de Santana


Official opening of the trail - May 30 - EB1/PE/C de Santana