Sustainable Development System (SDS)

Certification is a project, currently under construction, which in addition to recognize the quality of different goods produced in the Biosphere Reserve of Santana via the "Santana, Biosphere, Madeira", aims to promote the sustainable exploitation of the resources of this Reserve.

This "green label" is a verification of compliance, as well as an assessment of productive efficiency, at the same time that certifies and publicly evidences the respect for authenticity, valorization of local products, the environment and social responsibility, which also provides increased visibility and public credibility.

Certification Seal of the Reserve "Santana Madeira Biosfera

This project has as its general objectives:

  • To Preserve the natural, cultural and landscape heritage;
  • To promote environmentally sustainable development practices;
  • Foster the growth and diversity of the local economy;
  • Respect, enhance and empower the local community;
  • Contribute to quality of life of workers;
  • To satisfy the customers in relation to his involvement in the system and the quality of service;
  • Create added value to the area of the Reserve.

  • The certification process follows a well-defined methodology and generically intends, as a first step, to clarify the parties involved in this process, the evaluation of the entities to be certified in order to verify compliance with the criteria inherent in the certification and finally the assignment of labels/certificates that come to recognize the good performance of these entities in relation to the objectives of this system. After the granting of the seal "Santana Madeira Biosphere" certified authorities undertake to bet on a constant improvement policy in order to maintain the quality parameters that were required during the certification process, this will be subject to follow-up and monitoring.

    In this initial phase the certification will cover only commercial and tourism industry whose activities are developed within the area of the Reserve. However, after the consolidation of this system it aims to expand to all entities who wish to collaborate with the Reserve.